Ok, so forgive me for using my blog as a sort of post-it-note to myself, but watching 500 Days of Summer tonight sparked a desire to blog about the things I love about the city I live in. I won’t tell you HOW a movie about love and loss and growth did that for me, but it did. I’ll tell you when I write about how I love Bellingham.

AND I need to remember to blog about the people who were inspirational to me in becoming more sexually open, healthy, etc. My sex-positive role-models, as it were. That one has been percolating for a few days.

I love having a blog to use for post-its. :) Nudge me if I forget to fulfill either of the above. The first one will definitely be a photoblog. :)

Going to see Natasha today. Her husband is with Elliott, skiing in Canada this weekend, so today we are going to brunch, shopping, etc., in Seattle – my home away from home.


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