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30 March 2010

So everything I’ve intended to write about lately has gone by the wayside, because of a cascade of work and life issues we’re working through all at once. Not only are we in the midst of refinancing our home (interest rates are truly crazy low right now) but we are also in the midst of [...]

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25 March 2010 – Odds and Ends

My youngest turns 16 tomorrow. She’s passed her driver’s testing, so first thing in the morning we are going to the Dept. of Licensing to pick up her driver’s license. The next stop after that is the bank, so she can open her first checking account. She’s already working (my baby is self-employed. I can’t [...]

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22 March 2010

Back from a semi-exhausting weekend. One of the teenagers had a birthday, and we were mid-trip to Seattle for her wish (a birthday shopping trip) when my practically new (2008) little car decided to overheat. Blah. Anyhow, Elliott to the rescue, which reminded me of just how much I love the PERKS of being married. [...]

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18 March 2010

This weekend, Natasha and her husband are coming up to visit. We decided that we should stay in, so yay! I get to cook. I do love cooking, but I’ve been stuck in an asian-fusion sort of run for awhile now. I decided this weekend to veer into different territory. I picked up an Italian [...]

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15 March 2010

So I feel like I’m making little baby steps at getting back to my normal self. Taking anti-depressants for a year really set me back. I know that sounds weird, but if you missed my previous post, ADD was what caused my depression so I was totally taking the exact wrong thing for quite awhile. [...]

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13 March 2010 – On Community, Trolls & Anonymity

I’ve been reading Jaron Lanier’s book, “You Are Not A Gadget“. Contrary to what you might think, having been online forever (my very first 19.2 baud connection, I had a user address I seem to recall at the time that there were only about 4 commercial services to even get online with, to access [...]

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12 March 2010

Today has been a crap day so far. Mostly because you know the old saying, about when it rains it pours. I’ve found that to be true for both positive and negative things. Although sometimes what seems a negative at the time turns a corner in a way you never could have expected. Still, having [...]

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Whip Smart, A Memoir

For the past couple of days, I’ve been reading “Whip Smart, A Memoir”, by Melissa Febos.
I will admit, it took some digesting for the past 24 hours. I started to write about my thoughts on it yesterday, only to realize as I discussed it with Elliott over dinner last night, that my theory and take [...]

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09 March 2010 – Seattle Photographer Needed

Today I was going through some of the event listings that JanesGuide’s FB page has, and I was shocked and saddened to read that tattoo artist Gypsy Jill had passed. In my absence from the local community these past years, I’ve just missed a lot. She did the two most significant tattoos I have [...]

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8 March 2010 – While I Was Sleeping

Somehow during my absence from the web, I missed the sextoy revolution. Something that was barely talked about is all of a sudden the main feature of about half of the blogs that I run across, and while that’s fine, it’s hard to believe there is really THAT much interest.
Way back when I met [...]

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