As I’ve mentioned, we are trying to figure out which site upgrades to do to make our site a better resource, and in what order to do them. One thing that we want to possibly try is to introduce free hosted blogs, like, or does. While I definitely believe that it’s nice to have your very own domain, not everyone wants to start that way, and some people are perfectly content to stay on those services no matter how popular their blogs might become. But it’s nice to have options.

I have owned the domain for probably 10 years, with several ideas over the years as to what to put there. I was thinking that would be the perfect spot for blogging. So, it’d be kinda like blogger in that a user would have a url like For adult blogging, I think that’d be sorta cool.

I was trying to identify what needs, if any, aren’t being served by current solutions. I know at, there is an adult warning whenever you get to an adult blog. We wouldn’t do that, we’ll put the whole domain on ICRA labeling and such, and leave it at that.

I remember at that I was worried about not having control over my content, ultimately, and not wanting to put things up and then lose them if I moved. We want to us WPMU software, and make it super-easy to grab all your content, should you decide to ultimately register your own domain and move. I believe that’s possible with any of these services, we just want to make it super-easy and user friendly to do.

We won’t run our own ads – we will probably do a small bar across the top like does, that links into the entity as a whole. It will probably say blogs, courtesy JanesGuide. It might have a tiny stickgirl, just like blogspot puts their logo on it. That would be the extent of our presence on anyone’s page.

The other thing I wanted to do is be helpful in getting people set up who DO want their own domains. In other words, we’re going to offer paid hosting if someone does want their own domain, BUT we’re not going to push it, we’re just going to offer it. At a low cost, because we have the bandwidth and the space to do it. Trying to figure out what that cost should be. I know you can get super cheap hosting all over the web, but I want ours to be reliable and fast, as well as inexpensive.

So what I’m asking for are suggestions from the bloggers out there: do you have needs that are not being met now, and if so, what? Please email me instead of using comments, although I welcome both. Email is just easier to refer to later when we’re trying to get this programmed.

It’s funny to be finally working on this project – it’s something we’d intended to do with the domain more than 10 years ago. :) At any rate, this time I hope to bring it to fruition, because I have a kick-ass programmer and a wealth of backend resources. So. thoughts?

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