Hey! So it’s a sunny Saturday, and I spent a huge chunk of the day trying to find a good birthday gift for my bestest friend, Natasha. Now given that I currently own a little home/gift shop of my own, you’d think that this would be an easy task. But it’s not – because Natasha is the one who takes care of the shop when Elliott and I are out of town, and she does it in exchange for store credit. So, as you can imagine, she already has everything from my shop that she might want. Well, except maybe a couple of the furniture pieces. (incidentally, I will totally finally link to my shop when the website is finished for online shopping, as it will be .. ahem… someday. It’s taking a really long time to finish.)

Anyhow, I dragged the oldest teenager along (ok, I didn’t drag – she wanted to get out of the house) and proceeded to wander through every good shop I could think of in town. 4 hours later, and I THINK I found a gift she’ll like, but I guess I’ll find out in an hour or so when we meet up for dinner. I generally really enjoy shopping for gifts for people I love, the only time it’s even remotely stressful is when there is a deadline involved. Then all of a sudden I get brainfreeze, and simply can’t make decisions.

Anyhow, looking forward to a delicious dinner and time with Elliott, and our favorite couple. Good friends take a lot of time to develop, and N is just about my favorite person in the world to hang out with.

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