Somehow during my absence from the web, I missed the sextoy revolution. Something that was barely talked about is all of a sudden the main feature of about half of the blogs that I run across, and while that’s fine, it’s hard to believe there is really THAT much interest.

Way back when I met Elliott, I was in negotiations with a large magazine publishing company that was thinking of buying JanesGuide. It was a deal that came very close to happening, although in retrospect I’m glad it didn’t. At the time, my former partner and I were trying to figure out how to split things up, and selling seemed the easiest. Instead, the deal fell through and I ended up buying out his interest in things. But anyhow, I digress. On to the point: the main negative issue they had with my website was the sextoy reviews. Bukkake? No problem. Bondage? Sure. Sextoys? Run screaming.

I don’t know if the prevalence of sextoy review blogs now on the web means that sextoys in general have a more mainstream acceptance, but it certainly seems there is a larger audience than I realized. What do you think, are men (generally speaking) still afraid of sextoys? Or have sextoys come out of the closet? Just curious…

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