Today has been a crap day so far. Mostly because you know the old saying, about when it rains it pours. I’ve found that to be true for both positive and negative things. Although sometimes what seems a negative at the time turns a corner in a way you never could have expected. Still, having a hard time finding the silver lining in my day.

Elliott is sick, the youngest has a bad cold (she passed her driver’s test on the 2nd time around, btw – now her drive is next week) and the middle daughter has a mystery ailment still yet to be diagnosed. Early next week she moves up from nurse practitioner to specialist. It’s a helpless feeling when your child has a malady that is making her sad and stressed and in a bit of pain, but is not an immediately apparent diagnosis. All we can do is wait.

Then, on another note, we are trying to figure out immigration law. A very close friend of the girls, who feels like family now after 4+ years, is an undocumented immigrant. I believe that is the current phrasing, anyhow. Short story: he was brought here when he was a minor, knowing not a word of English. Against all odds and any type of family support for it, he stayed in school, became one of the rising stars in high school sports, and as I said, practically a member of my family. He feels like an American, he’s been here half his life. And yet, now that he’s turned 18, he’s “illegal”. There are things that are in the works, like the DREAM ACT that has been stuck for awhile in legislation. It’s a pretty cool thing, because it addresses his exact situation: he was brought here as a child, when he had no say. Now, years later, he has no (legal) future and is in-between cultures. He wants to go to college, become a chef, could probably get a sports scholarship. But he’s illegal. The whole situation breaks my heart, but the more I read, the more hopeless it sounds.

Before people go off on what a drain “illegal immigrants” are to our system, I would send you here: – go read some of the sidebar info. It’s important. This child is already hard working. (yes, he does it with illegal papers) But just what does that mean? Well, it means he pays into our social security system and has taxes taken out, when he will never be able to file for a refund as would anyone else at his income level. It means he supports our commerce system, but gets the worst of both worlds. Taxation without representation, plus the constant worry of deportation.

Anyhow, I’m seeing an immigration attorney next week. I know I will probably end up paying for nothing but to be told the worst, but honestly the whole process is so confusing I just want to know what, if anything at all, we can do. I don’t usually get into politics on my blog, but – well, I just think that people need to hear circumstances like this, because it’s not something most of us think about. The first part of gaining acceptance is in realizing that people you know are affected. Speaking out is good.

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