This weekend, Natasha and her husband are coming up to visit. We decided that we should stay in, so yay! I get to cook. I do love cooking, but I’ve been stuck in an asian-fusion sort of run for awhile now. I decided this weekend to veer into different territory. I picked up an Italian cookbook (my entire cookbook cabinet doesn’t have a one – lots of thai, chinese and mexican cooking but no Italian) and I’m going to try a few new things.

Elliott wants to take a cooking class together sometime soon-ish. I think it’d be sorta fun, although I have to find one that is about spice. I like my food spicy, and that goes for just about everything, from red chili dark chocolate to putting sriracha on my scrambled eggs. Must find cooking course that emphasizes herbs and spices. :)

Anyhow, took yesterday totally off. It was really nice. When I say “totally off”, I don’t mean I was lazing around eating bonbons, but just that I didn’t do anything for ANY of the 3 businesses Elliott and I juggle between us. All I did was clean, get rid of recycling and goodwill, organize and cook. Corned beef of course, it’s my single concession to St. Patrick’s day. I never remember to wear green and I refuse to drink green beer, but I don’t mind making corned beef once a year since Elliott likes it. I personally find it kind of bland, but that’s just me.

Oh, speaking of cooking: does anyone have a good spicy yogurt dressing recipe that would go well in a rice/fish bowl? I tried to improvise my own the other day and it was an utter failure.

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