Back from a semi-exhausting weekend. One of the teenagers had a birthday, and we were mid-trip to Seattle for her wish (a birthday shopping trip) when my practically new (2008) little car decided to overheat. Blah. Anyhow, Elliott to the rescue, which reminded me of just how much I love the PERKS of being married. Stuck on the side of the freeway, it’s not like I couldn’t take care of myself. However: it’s much nicer to call Elliott, have him show up and take care of things, than it is to call a cab and a tow-truck when I’m with 3 teenagers in the middle of farm country.

Once we finally were underway, we had a nice trip. I ended up shopping for myself too, as well as all 3 girls, because we so rarely go to ‘the big city’ and it’s nice to take advantage of far greater selection of things. :) Still, it made for a long day – left the house around 9am, got back around 9pm.

Interesting note of the day: I was updating reviews and such, and found that the very community-building software we’ve been considering to power a JanesGuide user base was what was used in a site that LOST THEIR WHOLE USER DATABASE in a massive failure. This concerns me. I need to forward that info on, because I’d hate to get a user community going only to lose everything. Of course I have in-house awesomeness when it comes to tech, so I doubt that will be an issue. It’s a little thing called backing up your data. Still…

Today has been playing catch-up on phone calls, emails and everything else. Oh, and girl-maintenance. I have a mani/pedi in an hour, something that is important to me at least. :) While the time spent is beyond dull, I do love having pretty nails.

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