So everything I’ve intended to write about lately has gone by the wayside, because of a cascade of work and life issues we’re working through all at once. Not only are we in the midst of refinancing our home (interest rates are truly crazy low right now) but we are also in the midst of re-negotiating two separate business leases, both of which have some contention. Oh, and Elliott and I started going to counseling to figure out some parenting issues. It’s tough being a step-parent at all, much less to three teenage girls who were more than half grown by the time we met.

The counseling has been a very good thing. I actually found (well, Elliott did really) a super-awesome counselor that I relate to. It’s important for me right now because with the girls getting older, I have a surprising (to me, at least) amount of emotional stuff cropping up about the loss of my own childhood when my father died at 15, and not knowing how to parent through these years since I was essentially not parented from then on. It’s really weird for me because it’s all stuff I thought I’d worked through forever ago, but now it’s all in the very different light of trying to help them move from kids living at home to self-sufficient adults.

Anyhow, I know that was kind of a ramble. Which, honestly, is kind of what my brain is like at the moment with everything that’s going on. :)

I would write more right now, but Elliott is on the phone behind me, and I keep getting distracted trying to listen to his half of a conversation about a lease… heh.


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