This morning when I first woke up, Elliott surprised me by asking if I wanted to grab a ferry and visit a peony farm nearby. Since I was barely awake, and the ferry was leaving 30 minutes later, we barely made it. Seconds to spare, they were actually chaining off the ferry entrance as we drove up, but they squeezed us on. Peonies are my very favorite flower – they are so fleeting, the whole season is only about 45 days long, from late April through early June. I have 5 peony plants right now, but this trip was to see a whole bunch of different varieties, and pick some roots to plant in the fall.

These pictures were all just snapped with my iPhone (you can tell which one is Hipstamatic, I’m sure…) hence the quality. Actually, the image quality is pretty awesome for a phone, but the detail isn’t quite there. Still, the colors were not enhanced at all by me. They actually are that brilliant, some of them.

We got breakfast at a cute little place on the island, that let us have our dog with on the shaded porch. Then it was back on the ferry so Elliott could make it to a diving class.

Sooo glad to be having this little spot of sunshine in an absolutely dismal late spring.

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