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Jim Bianco

I had to share this. Had to. Jim Bianco is an awesome musician, and he’s doing a program to raise money for his new album. I have a couple of his previous albums, and they are very good. I listen to them often. The first time I heard him play was last Christmas, when [...]

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13 September

So we’re back from our little Seattle getaway. I told Elliott that I’d much rather spend money and time on a hotel room getaway than just about anything else (spa, good restaurants, etc.) because it does SO MUCH MORE for my psyche to have alone time with him. heh.
I also had a great time [...]

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Seattle, yay!

Today Elliott and I are back off to Seattle. We are checking in to a luxe hotel room so I can pretend I’m his mistress instead of a parent for a few hours. Heh… when I say “mistress” I of course mean the “having an affair with my own husband” type, not the “Matisse” type. [...]

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Back from vacation

Finally, I’m back from vacation and sitting at a computer once again. I can’t say that I’m thrilled about it, because vacation was absolutely blissful. Elliott and I had two full weeks with no responsibilities, no teenagers, no pets (well, except for beloved doggie, who was with us) as we cruised around the San Juan [...]

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