Finally, I’m back from vacation and sitting at a computer once again. I can’t say that I’m thrilled about it, because vacation was absolutely blissful. Elliott and I had two full weeks with no responsibilities, no teenagers, no pets (well, except for beloved doggie, who was with us) as we cruised around the San Juan and Gulf Islands on the sailboat.

Elliott and I have been together for almost 7 years now – this was sort of like a second honeymoon, I fell in love all over again with my wonderful husband. Not that I didn’t love him before, but it’s that giddy, happy, wonderful “in love” feeling that returned so strongly when we actually got to spend time together without all of the pressures of everyday chaos.

Mostly what we did was: eat, sleep, drink, read, play cribbage, kayak, hike, play ball with the dog. I read more than I’ve gotten to read in the whole last year, with a mixed bag of fiction. It was the kayaking that I loved the most. We got these little plastic ocean kayaks this summer, and they are just so perfect for this area.

So: a couple of things….

1. E: thank you for the birthday wishes. As I told Georgette when we met for dinner before I left, it really tickles me that you always remember the happy birthday after all of these years.

2. I have news! Vamp is back!!!! I am beyond thrilled that my favorite JG reviewer of all time is back on board. We’re going to meet for dinner this weekend in Seattle to catch up. I love the way she looks at content, especially the very tiny niche kinks that I never think about. She’s totally awesome and positive. Ok, have I gushed enough?

Oh, here are some photos from the trip. We anchored for a couple of days in Tod Inlet, which is a very long, wide inlet behind the Butchart Gardens in Victoria B.C. Then you can actually access the gardens from the dock at the back, where the Japanese Gardens are. We spent a good part of an afternoon wandering there (it’s dog friendly, yay!) – Elliott’s first visit there, and my second since a highschool trip in 1985.

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