Today Elliott and I are back off to Seattle. We are checking in to a luxe hotel room so I can pretend I’m his mistress instead of a parent for a few hours. Heh… when I say “mistress” I of course mean the “having an affair with my own husband” type, not the “Matisse” type. :)

Also on the agenda is dinner with Vamp, which I’m totally happy about. I think it’s been – oh, about 5 years since we’ve had a chance to get together in person. We only live about 4 hours apart, but it’s 4 hours enough to make meetings few and far between. Before I settled so far North, we used to at least make it once a year. Anyhow, we’ll have time for a good long catchup. Going to the same place I went to with Georgette, the awesome Toulouse Petite.

Will catch up with you all later.. :)

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