So we’re back from our little Seattle getaway. I told Elliott that I’d much rather spend money and time on a hotel room getaway than just about anything else (spa, good restaurants, etc.) because it does SO MUCH MORE for my psyche to have alone time with him. heh.

I also had a great time catching up with Vamp – I know not everyone who reads my blog has been around long enough to remember, but Vamp was the second person ever to be hired to write reviews, probably around 1999 if memory serves. She took an extended break for school, but happily she’s back now for awhile at least. I would say that of anyone I’ve ever had here at the site, she’s the most unbiased, open-minded reviewer. There is no kink that is off limits, or that she can’t write about in a perfectly lovely and enthusiastic way.

One of the ideas we were batting around at dinner was trying to either do some podcasts, or even little videos to release on YouTube about various fetishes and kinks. Sort of a “kink 101″ intro to the hows and whys of various things. I know many of our readers know plenty and don’t need this, but for every sexually savvy, kink-pos reader there are probably 10 others who’ve never heard of some of the activities we list, so it’s with that audience in mind that we’re considering it.

Elliott had never met Vamp before, so once we had our dinner we met up with both him and Vamp’s partner to have a glass of wine and chat more. He was a wonderful guy, and has an interest in sailing so we might be introducing him to that sport next sailing season.

Feeling very positive and happy today…

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