I kinda want to change up the blog a bit – since I hardly use it anymore. I have been using twitter a bit more, but I can’t say it’s anything all that exciting. Although I will say that I don’t see much exciting on twitter anywhere else either, so I guess I’m not alone in being boring on there. :) Anyhow, I was thinking now that Vamp is truly back (again, yay!) that maybe we should have a blog that we both post to, so I’m going to start changing things over soon. Provided, of course, that she agrees on the idea.

Things are good, busy as always. I am just starting to experiment with being gluten free, after trying various things for better health for the past couple of years. Yoga and acupuncture are both really helpful for overall mood and energy, but I still haven’t gotten the diet thing down. I don’t know that I’m seriously allergic to gluten, but I will say that a couple of days in a row of being careful, and I can feel a difference. Anyone have any experiences with the process? How long does it take? How strict are you about it? Does one slip-up really mess things up? Just curious about it all. I started with the following two cookbooks:

Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking by Kelli Bronski & Peter Bronski

The Wheat Free Cook by Jacqueline Mallorca

Today’s experiment is going to be making some gluten-free bread with the flour recipe in the first book. I miss bread, only because I like sandwiches and they are difficult with no bread (although I have done them with lettuce as the bread slices)

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