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so seriously…

…pick up yesterday’s book, it IS that awesome.
And now on to other things: Fifi is on day two, and so far it’s awesome. She’s from the corporate world, so she’s still a little bit in shock that a business like Elliott’s can be competently run with such a small (and laid back) staff. It [...]

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geek crush

The other day, I watched a highly entertaining guest on Stephen Colbert’s show, Neuroscientist David Eagleman. You can watch the bit here. Intrigued, I ended up reading a bit more about him (there is a fascinating piece The New Yorker did on some of his current research), I ordered both his fictional anthology “Sum: Forty [...]

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more on bdsm and abuse

I have a news flash for the BDSM community, when it comes to abusive relationships: we’re not that unique. Abusive relationships can and do happen, I would guess at about the same frequency in the bdsm community as within the rest of the population. I would also say that abusive relationships have the same markers, [...]

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bdsm negotiation and consent

I’ve seen quite a bit lately in discussion forums, blogs and the like about abuse within the bdsm community. That is an entire issue in and of itself, and one that I’m noodling on how to write about. I know a I’ve alluded to the fact that I experienced abuse in a relationship. It was, [...]

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to be (or not to be) a good editor

So I didn’t blog about it much, but the failed experiment of the past few years that Elliott and I embarked on was to open a retail shop. It was a cute little boutique, with jewelry, housewares, art furniture and the like. The branding was excellent, and I thought well-confirmed by a visiting Apple exec. [...]

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the next best thing after Fifi

In other news of my recent life: I finally broke down and hired a cleaning service for home.
I cannot tell you how much this has drastically changed my mood. It was such a long time coming, because basically I had to admit to myself that I was failing at doing everything, and that it [...]

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a weekend well spent

Most of my free time in the summer ends up being spent on a boat, so it was a nice change of pace to spend a low-key weekend in Seattle with Elliott, visiting our best friends. I always say that a day away on the boat feels like two, but I also think a night [...]

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a light at the end of the tunnel

Sometimes I think the worst thing that can happen to a relationship is to work together. Playing together is great, working together not so much. Especially when you’re self-employed.
A few years ago, Elliott had an awesome office manager/personal assistant, Fifi. (I am not making up the name – she went by Fifi, although she [...]

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blogging isn’t dead

For someone who hasn’t posted any blog entries in ages, the post title might surprise you. My blog has been dead for quite awhile. The last thing I was inspired even enough for a short blog entry was all the way back in December of 2010.
I used to “blog” practically daily. I didn’t call [...]

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