For someone who hasn’t posted any blog entries in ages, the post title might surprise you. My blog has been dead for quite awhile. The last thing I was inspired even enough for a short blog entry was all the way back in December of 2010.

I used to “blog” practically daily. I didn’t call it that, I called it “journaling” because that’s what we all called it then. Writing became journaling, because journaling denoted (to me, at least) that it was personal, perhaps unpolished. But then journaling became too much of an effort, and “blogging” took over. Blogging (again, to me at least) signified that it was even shorter entries, little snippets of what we were thinking about. Blogging became linking to other people, other articles, with the occasional personal entry thrown in. Recently, I saw acquaintance write that he thought blogging was dead. Twitter was where it was at. You see the progression. It’s really not so different from the way media of all kinds has gone. Quantity in favor of quality, “aggregating” in favor of actually producing real content.

The other day, I was interviewed by our local newspaper for something very unrelated to this site. The interviewer showed up with no photographer, though they wanted photos. He took 3 photos with his iPhone. There is no budget for generating content anymore. It’s all syndicated from AP or Reuters.

It’s gone so far that I no longer care what people say, I just want them to SAY SOMETHING, not republish or link to other people’s words. I can agree or disagree, maybe even debate. I just want to read something original no matter what it is. Something that isn’t “safe”, and when I use that word, I mean something that isn’t either A. so watered down that it couldn’t possibly offend, or B. something so tailored to the chosen audience that it couldn’t generate dissent.

I don’t think blogging is dead. I am sick of twitter. When I tweet, I can never get enough words in to not have my few words misinterpreted, even to myself when I read them later. I can’t get to know somebody via tweets. I very rarely read anything thought provoking, unless as I mentioned above, it’s a link to the words of someone else, in a much longer format.

In short, I am starting to miss blogging. Or journaling. I miss handwritten letters, thrown over for email. I miss a face to face conversation, switched out for reading status updates.

I can’t be alone in this.


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