Most of my free time in the summer ends up being spent on a boat, so it was a nice change of pace to spend a low-key weekend in Seattle with Elliott, visiting our best friends. I always say that a day away on the boat feels like two, but I also think a night away in a nice hotel feels like two as well.

While Natasha and I were on our little shopping excursion, I found the cutest dress ever! (well, ok so I say that every time I buy a new dress, but this time I mean it.) Gorgeous coral silk, ruched wrap style. It’d look totally greek-goddess in ivory. In fact there was an ivory version that looked that way, but Elliott is always complaining that I don’t wear color. That’s mostly true, I tend to stick with black, white, grey, taupe and camo-green. Allsaints is such an awesome shop. I like that they make things that flatter a curvy figure.

On the way home, we made the requisite stop at Whole Foods. Chilean sea bass for dinner, with a yummy avocado/red onion/jalapeno relish. One of the things I like most about grocery shopping there is that Elliott gets all inspired to cook because they have so many things we can’t get at home. Tonight Elliott is making provoletta and skirt steak with chimichurri. Is it any wonder I need clothing that flatters curves? heh. Still, it’s all mostly primal. I may have mentioned it before, but I have mostly been doing “primal” or paleo style diet. It’s working really well, for energy, mood and everything else. Basically, in a nutshell it’s no grains, no sugar. Eat plants and animals, organic and unprocessed. For Elliott it’s made huge health differences. For me the differences are smaller, but definitely noticeable. If I could only forgo french fries, I’d be golden. Unfortunately french fries are about my favorite thing ever. Btw – if you’re interested in reading about primal, Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple web site is a great source.


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