…pick up yesterday’s book, it IS that awesome.

And now on to other things: Fifi is on day two, and so far it’s awesome. She’s from the corporate world, so she’s still a little bit in shock that a business like Elliott’s can be competently run with such a small (and laid back) staff. It was fun going to lunch today to have one of our business meetings, when said lunch involved many sidetracks about various new technologies, funny internet pop-culture sightings, and whatever is best on tap. :)

I was realizing anew how awesome I think Elliott is, during this lunch. He has an amazing business, which for the most part has been successful (normal ups and downs) and employed and taught many a new tech over the years. He started it at 24 years old, fresh from college, and has run it ever since. Right now, we’re at a sort of fresh start where everyone is inspired again and growth is just starting to happen for the first time since the big economic downturn in 2008.

When I say “we”, I only sort of mean it. I don’t want to be too involved in his company, but I do want to support it, help with long-term planning, stuff like that. I just can’t be the day to day Fifi.

Anyhow. In other news, while I am totally loving blogging again, not sure how much I’ll do before Monday. We’re racing tonight on the boat, tomorrow is work and a Brandi Carlisle concert in the evening, Friday morning we leave for a 4 day weekend to Portlandia with Natasha and her husband, for his 50th birthday. This is probably my last sliver of time until Monday afternoon, unless I figure out how to use my blogging app on my iPad, in which case I’ll be posting photos from Oregon wine country. :)

I wanted to say a little thank-you for the private and public comments on my previous entries about emotional abuse. Just letting myself have my say did all the good in the world, but it’s the human condition that we all crave to be understood, and it was awesome to feel like what I was saying hit a chord.


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