I love Spotify. (If you want an invite, I have a few, just email me – I signed up for premium). It’s SO much better than Pandora, as awesome as Pandora is. Why Spotify? Because I can play any song I want, any artist I want, create specific playlists, play my own music, transport it all anywhere (I have it synced on both computers, my iPad and my iPhone).

I fully intend to torture the teenagers the next time they are in the car. The backstory is that every once in awhile they play an obnoxious rap song that I end up loving, but not wanting to buy an album. Sure, I could just buy them as singles on iTunes, but I never know how long my obsession will last. At any rate, when I ask the aforementioned teenagers to play these songs for me, they REFUSE! The nerve! They even make fun of me about it. Apparently I’m too old to like obnoxious rap music. They also somehow think I should be more offended at explicit lyrics.

Anyhow, I now have my perfect playlist of all the songs they have been refusing to share, and the next time they are stuck in a car with me, it’s on. heh

that’s all.

on my spotify right now: G Love, ‘Cold Beverage’

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