hey. Hi.

My day today is laid back. I got into the office around 11am, which is late for me. Fifi is off this week, so I’ve had a bit more to do with Elliott’s business than I prefer, but Fifi is so awesome that she’s been coming in on lunch, and listening to voicemails/answering calls in the morning too. We’re not abusing her awesomeness, she’s not on vacation, just taking a class she signed up for before taking the job here. And she offered, so I took her up on it.

Been watching a twitterwar that I may or may not end up writing about. It’s somewhat relevant to my life experience, but it brings up quite a lot of things, so I imagine my brain is churning away in my subconscious as I type. heh.

Anyhow. Elliott is gone today at an airshow in Canada, and I am recovering from a horribly sunburned lower lip. I look like I had a double-collagen injection right now. Happens at least once per summer. Tonight I am going to an outdoor cocktail party that I can take my little pups to (I posted a twitpic of them earlier) which sounds perfect since it decided to be summer again for a day.

I need to take more pictures to post. That is my goal starting today, at least one picture per post.

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