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does a desire to swing bode ill for a marriage?

I just saw Swingsetlife tweet about a post on Huffpo, offended by a divorce lawyer’s column about her top 10 signs that a marriage is in trouble. Her number 10, and the only one with an emphasis of all caps for the ‘are’, was
If your spouse wants you to swing with your neighbors, you [...]

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and in other news

Now that I’m back from vacation and trying to settle back into a routine, I think I’ll probably finally get time for other projects. It’s always something, but the most recent ones were training for a triathlon in 2007/2008, and then opening and running a retail shop from 2008 until early this spring.
So what is [...]

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back from vacation

not sure how we lucked into such awesome weather when we have had very little summer this year, but Elliott and I just returned from 10 days on the sailboat, 98% of which was sunshiny wonderfulness. I have a hell of a tan, have ingested more wine than I care to admit, and am feeling [...]

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