not sure how we lucked into such awesome weather when we have had very little summer this year, but Elliott and I just returned from 10 days on the sailboat, 98% of which was sunshiny wonderfulness. I have a hell of a tan, have ingested more wine than I care to admit, and am feeling so much more relaxed than when I left.

Fifi is proving to be every bit as kick-ass as we’d hoped, actually she’s even exceeded my expectations. She handled everything while we were gone, and we returned to neatly organized piles of questions, fresh flowers in the offices, and nothing terribly pressing because she has the art of customer management down to a T. Elliott and I are both committed to making sure she remains very happy here.

Now that I’m back, I’m about to get started on a small site revamp, with the wonderful woman who did the last one for me four years ago. We run a bit of the site on WP and we’re batting around the idea of switching the whole site over to a WP backend. What I like about the possibilities is that I will finally be able to customize ads to match the category someone is viewing (right now, I don’t change out ads enough and they are the same ones, category to category) and add other category-specific content in the sidebars. I think it’ll make it a lot better browsing experience to pull up a category page, and have the sidebar with related janeology terms, related categories, and so on.

While I was gone, I pretty much stayed a tiny bit connected via Twitter. I’m finding Twitter to be a love/hate relationship, but I’ll expand on that at some later date. I didn’t have email, so I’m still catching up on the last two weeks of that. At any rate, stay tuned, we’re changing and updating and getting better around here. :)


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