Now that I’m back from vacation and trying to settle back into a routine, I think I’ll probably finally get time for other projects. It’s always something, but the most recent ones were training for a triathlon in 2007/2008, and then opening and running a retail shop from 2008 until early this spring.

So what is my latest ridiculous thing, you might ask? Well, there are two of them.

1. jewelry. I dabbled in making jewelry a few years back, and have taken basic silversmithing classes and so on. Running my retail shop, which sold a lot of cool art jewelry, gave me the bug again. This time around I’m learning more soldering and so on, but also teaching myself PMC (precious metal clay) firing, lampworking beads, etc. Haven’t had much time to do anything, but now that sailing season is mostly over I can set aside more time.

2. primal 30 day challenge! I’ve mentioned briefly having mostly converted to eating “primal” or “paleo”. It’s basically “no grain, no sugar”, which is a bit different from other low carb things. Anyhow, I’ve been pretty good about it and I feel way better, but next week one of the sites I follow is doing a 30 day “challenge” and for the first time I’m going to include the workout part of it too. Eek! Actually NOT eek, because primal doesn’t call for tons of cardio, which is the only part of exercise that I hate. (Can you believe I trained for a tri with that attitude? heh) So starting the 12th, I’ll be doing that. Happily, I have a friend who wants to do it too. Nice to have the company and the workout partner. :)

I can’t wait to post some jewelry photos as I get some things done. Hopefully they’ll turn out pretty enough that I’ll want to post them. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll post some before/after primal photos, or recipes.

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