A couple of years ago, Elliott did the course to get his Merchant Marine license. We always fantasize about wandering off for a different career, for him either captaining charters or teaching diving, for me tagging along to maybe cook and teach pilates. Anyhow, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon (see: getting children through college/trade school, started in life, etc.) and our “five year plan” has been going on for eight years.

Anyhow, he got a call this morning asking if he could do a boat delivery from San Diego to Ensenada next week, and not everyone needs to have a captain’s license – I’ll be going along as crew. I’m excited to have a couple of days of sunshine, away from the emotions of home. Looks like we’ll fly out on Tuesday or Wednesday, take a day to prep the boat, a day to move it there, a day left in for unforeseen circumstances or weather. This is one of the times I feel very fortunate that we’re both self-employed and can take advantage of last minute opportunities.

As far as home goes, it’s been rough. 2 of our friends lost their lives in a marina fire that sunk 10 boats. They lived on their boat and were trapped inside it when the fire broke out, and though this happened on the Friday that I was gone at Momentum, the bodies were only recovered today. I know a shred of hope went with that, even though we really all knew what would be found. Everyone I know is getting through their days right now with difficulty. Every gathering with friends includes tears, but also includes stories about the really fearless lives they led, and the people they touched.

As for me, I wanted to get more done today but ended up with a spontaneous dinner at my home tonight, for several of our friends. I’ve found that being around people I love is all I want to do right now. Food, wine and keeping our friends close are the order of the day.

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