So I had my first voice lesson last night, and it was actually really fun. Once I got over my initial nerves, it wasn’t that bad – of course that is because there was piano accompaniment most of the time. But at any rate, I am now officially set up with weekly lessons, so yay! Yesterday was just testing my range, seeing if I was tone-deaf, etc. ;) Anyhow, it’s all happy and good and I’m SO GLAD I finally did it.

I put a couple of sketches up on twitter, that I did while in Honduras in February, and I figured I’d post the rest of that here. A caveat: I almost never draw. But then, travel sketches are supposed to be somewhat rough, right? And I actually do see some progression during the week from my first sketch to my last. These were all done with pen and distress ink stamp pads, which oddly enough are my favorite thing to use.

Ok, that’s all. Even sketching for a week on vacation made me want to take an art class, which I haven’t done in forever. I just need more hours in the day.


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