I spent a good chunk of today trying to figure out site elements for my redesign. Every time I get started working on it, I hit a roadblock and get frustrated. Elliott promises me that he’ll take some time to add the site elements I want, if I point him in the right direction, so maybe this weekend I can sit him down in front of a computer and everything will work right come Monday.

Anyhow, I suppose ’cause of that, today kinda sucked. But hey, it’s recipe Thursday! and I’ll give you about the easiest recipe ever in the world, which is currently on the grill at the office:

Pork chops with sage and apricot

Take some pork chops, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Coat in olive oil, stick a couple of sage leaves to each side. Cut apricots in half, take out pit, also coat in olive oil. Grill. (add the apricots at the end, but they are AWESOME grilled)


Can you tell I’m uninspired today? Although honestly, the best recipes are often the simplest ones. :)

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