So I think I mentioned that I’ve been dabbling in making jewelry for a couple of months. Mostly I’m doing PMC silver, which is fun and has tons of potential for creativity. PMC, if you aren’t familiar with it, is precious metal clay. You sculpt it almost like fimo, then fire it in a kiln where the binder burns off, and you’re left with the metal. There are many forms, copper, brass, sterling (which is new) and fine silver, which burns off to .999 pure silver.

My weekend experiment was making a little silver frame for a tiny little drawing of one of my dogs. It’s a little watercolor (distress ink again) picture, which is then incorporated into the frame using resin. I’ve been using the Ice Resin product line, and I like it, but I confess it’s the first one I tried so I have no other resin products to compare it to.

This necklace was done for myself, not sure what the market would be like for little dog necklaces like this. I have some others to try too, like sacred hearts, little crows with crowns, etc. that I think would have a bit more mass appeal if I end up selling them. What I’ve been selling is just semi-precious gem and silver jewelry so far, because I’ve been learning how to do the resin correctly, no bubbles, drying completely clear, etc. Resin is pretty cool though, because once it’s fully cured it’s totally waterproof. I ended up putting patina on this, and giving it overnight in a rotary tumbler, and it emerged unscathed by the water. :)

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