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mini vacay, yay!

Dunno where to put this one. Hi! It’s Friday. I’m super happy and sitting here in the office waiting for Elliott to finish up a few things because starting last night, we have been on mini-vacay in our own town. Last night we dropped our babies (our two small dogs, not my actual offspring, who [...]

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but aren’t we all hypocrites?

The other day I re-reviewed Lust Cinema, which has been a longtime favorite site here at JanesGuide, both with myself and with previous reviewers. After I did that, I got an email from the press office of Erika Lust’s studio with a link to a recent TedX Talk she gave titled “It’s Time for Porn [...]

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so why the return? and will it last?

I have no answer to my above question, because I don’t know. I have super mixed feelings about my website which I will now try to explain, to myself and to you dear reader (if indeed anyone is reading this blog, defunct for so long)
I was reading through some of Crista Anne’s website, and [...]

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relieved, yet sad…

I have been a HUGE fan of Marina Bychkova’s work for years. I think I discovered her work just about the time she quit taking custom doll orders. Stupidly, at the time, I missed out on seeing her work in a show quite near me in Canada, thinking she would be doing shows in that [...]

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where to start?

Holy guacamole! I am so far behind, I don’t know where to start. But the happy thing is this feels like old times to me, back before I lost my words. So there’s that. I have words again. I miss Vamp. I absolutely loved her neverending good-naturedness (is that a word?) about everything to do [...]

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such a familiar story

Yesterday, I spent the day going through my first category, solo amateurs, for updates. I culled out about 15 dead sites and updated everything else to reflect how the sites are now. In doing so, I was shocked to find that one of my previous favorite sites, The Art of Blowjob, had changed significantly. My [...]

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so a funny thing happened on my way to saying goodbye…

I realized I wasn’t ready to. Say goodbye, that is. Ok you guys, I have been AGONIZING over what to do with this website for years. Oh sure, maybe my agonizing has been in private, not even something I’ve talked about to my friends. Elliott, maybe a little. Natasha a little. And then, over the [...]

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