I realized I wasn’t ready to. Say goodbye, that is. Ok you guys, I have been AGONIZING over what to do with this website for years. Oh sure, maybe my agonizing has been in private, not even something I’ve talked about to my friends. Elliott, maybe a little. Natasha a little. And then, over the holidays, this thing happened: the site had the worst outage of it’s history. Like probably 2 weeks it was down, because I wasn’t paying attention. Holidays, and I haven’t been updating or posting, and my ISP, which has always monitored for outages, didn’t catch it.

Someone wrote me an email that I gave a cursory glance at, because I thought when he asked about us being gone, he was referring to our lack of updates. Then when I went to actually do some work, I realized it was down. And had been down for OVER two weeks. We are coming up on 18 years since I launched this thing and had never been down for more than 12 hours. And that was years and years ago.

Anyhow, that thing, this site outage, made me realize something. I thought I was done, but I’m not. I’ve never known how to gracefully end things. For awhile, several years ago, I looked for a new “Jane”, basically like Dear Abby having someone take over. I never found the right person. I’ve had offers to buy the site, but it was never from someone who wanted to continue what we do, only for someone who wanted to funnel our readership to something THEY did, and it was never something I could get behind. Yeah, if it had been something else that I thought of as consumer-positive, sex-positive, I might have done it, but invariably it was more of a selling-out than anything, so I never did it.

I thought about doing a Jane-i-pedia and trying to get readers to contribute to the content. I realized that would be more time consuming because of scammers than what we have always done here.

The reason I went to log in a few days ago, and found the site down, was that I had come up with a plan. I wanted to blog a memoir of sorts. Because seriously, you guys, this website was a huge chunk of my life, so much happened, that I wanted to write it all down from the perspective I have now. I am still thinking I’m going to do that. Just like a month at a time, referencing old journal entries and possibly faulty memory to do so. I’m not saying anything I did was so earth shattering that you should be interested, but I find the normal average life to be pretty interesting. Enough time has gone by, and with the minimal readership we have now, I feel safe again just like when I started blogging in 1998, that I can put down words again without worrying that someone will try to harm me with them. It’s pretty awesome and freeing. And in the meantime, I am going through all the old stuff to update it. There isn’t all that much new that I can tell in the adult world. However, I’ll still try to find some new stuff as I go through the old, creating a good index again, and blogging about where I was and where I am now.

Hi. I’m back. I’ve missed you.


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