Yesterday, I spent the day going through my first category, solo amateurs, for updates. I culled out about 15 dead sites and updated everything else to reflect how the sites are now. In doing so, I was shocked to find that one of my previous favorite sites, The Art of Blowjob, had changed significantly. My immediate gut feel was that a breakup had occurred. That happens ALL THE TIME in the amateur world. What I see (particularly with M/F couples) is that the male half films things and runs the site. The female half performs, and in many cases is the personality of the site. She does the writing, interacts with the readers, basically IS the site. That is how I felt about Art of Blowjob. Camille Crimson was this amazing, gorgeous performer who shared her thoughts in the blog, as well as sharing her sensuality and sexuality in video and photos.

So I visited the site, and none of the recent updates were her. The videos and photos of her were archived, but gone was the blog and the heart of the site. I updated the review accordingly (it’s still a good site, just not the SAME site) and went on with my day. Then today something made me dig a little bit deeper. I always hate it when a performer I loved just disappears. Anyone remember the amazing Isabella@home? Or Bernadette Peters? I have no idea what happened with either of them, but they ran incredible, personal websites. When I looked for Camille Crimson, Art of Blowjob came up. Then a new site, Art of Cunnilingus (launched by the same people) popped up with a blog, but the posts were by someone else. Finally after a little clicking around, I came to the blog of Chloe Morgane, aka Camille Crimson. Yay! As suspected, it was a breakup. And her ex got the business. She writes a post about the experience, called OpenHeart, which I’ve linked to here.

You have no idea how familiar this was for me, and how much I understood how changing her name was painful. When my ex and I split up, we too of course had a business, this one. He wanted it. I needed to keep supporting my children and myself, and I wanted it. Not only did he want it, he wanted one of the women he left me for to help him run it. That stung more than anything. Luckily we were 50/50 partners and through mediation, I ended up buying him out instead of the other way around. The site has my name on it, it was so personal. The difficult part for me was the name. You see when we married back in 2000, he took my nom-de-plume last name in the adult world, and I took his legal last name in our private lives. When we split, I went back to my maiden name legally, but he didn’t give up my last name in this world. I didn’t want the association, a feeling that time has not helped to change. I know, I’m totally unreasonable. God, back when I was poly, I feel like I spent all my time trying to pretend things weren’t hurtful that were, and I swear I am NOT going to do that even if it makes me sound petty. Sometimes things hurt, and it’s ok to admit it.

Anyhow, all that aside, my advice to any couple out there doing an amateur site is: know where you stand legally BEFORE it becomes popular, before it becomes your living. I haven’t seen all that many sites run by couples make it for the long term. In fact I can’t think of any offhand. It’s difficult enough running any business with a romantic partner, much less one that is as personal as that. Black and white agreements help in the longrun.

I’ll be putting up a review of Chloe Morgane’s new site as soon as I get a chance, but if you’re looking for Camille as I was, that’s where she is now. I imagine her new site will be as awesome as her old, award-winning site was.

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