Holy guacamole! I am so far behind, I don’t know where to start. But the happy thing is this feels like old times to me, back before I lost my words. So there’s that. I have words again. I miss Vamp. I absolutely loved her neverending good-naturedness (is that a word?) about everything to do with consensual sex, no matter how unusual. And I’ve had a few people close to me want to start helping with reviews, but she’s just not replaceable, even though I’m happy for her that she’s moved on to other projects that are fulfilling.

I pulled the beta site that I had started to work on last year, because I’m going to give it yet another re-do before I decide how to run things. I have a conundrum, which is that I WANT to start doing the site in Wordpress (I know you probably already think that’s what it is because PART of it is, but the review index is all in a php database that Elliott wrote for me 10 years ago, and it works so well that I don’t want to change it. However, there are things it doesn’t do that I can do in Wordpress, so I need to figure that out. Elliott is so busy with his real business, he has no time to help with this. I mean he would, but I don’t want him to get distracted from some very cool things he has going on, especially since I am no more certain than ever that we are really going to get rolling again.

I changed up the sidebar, to take out the links to things that are truly outdated, like the regional guide. My ex partner always really liked the regional guide, it was kinda his thing – he wanted it when we split up the site, but honestly I didn’t want two different versions of JanesGuide to exist in the world. I suppose he could have done one under another name, heck he even might have, I wouldn’t know. At any rate, I took that out, the link to the old galleries, and the links to the beta site so I can work on it again without worrying about it’s not-doneness. (another non-word, I know.)

Today is super busy, I am working on all of this for the first time in months, my middle daughter is home for the weekend from college, and my puppies are having their first-ever grooming appointment. I drop them off in a couple of hours. This is a last resort because when I try to clip their nails, they turn into absolute Gremlins. That is no exaggeration, it is a real thing. So I called a grooming place in town and asked if they could handle that. A small dog trying to bite their face off when he gets his toenails clipped. And they said no problem, so I guess we shall see what happens.

And lunch with a friend, and yoga, and dinner with the daughters and Elliott tonight. Happy, but busy.


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