Dunno where to put this one. Hi! It’s Friday. I’m super happy and sitting here in the office waiting for Elliott to finish up a few things because starting last night, we have been on mini-vacay in our own town. Last night we dropped our babies (our two small dogs, not my actual offspring, who are grown now) off at the dogsitter, checked into our favorite local cushie hotel, and proceeded to block out the work world. We’ve both been WAYYY too busy lately, this is needed. So last night we checked in, had dinner, got our relaxation going. This morning led to my tweet about rope-marks and a healthy glow, and now I get another day/night here and then tomorrow we are off by boat to areas less-traveled, with no cell reception or dataplans that work, but still television to watch the Hawks game. I have been watching them since I was a wee lass and it was all Largeant/Zorn – I will say, I could not tell you who was the coach back then though, and now I am a huge Pete Carroll fan. I feel like it’s good vs. evil (ok that was a little strong) with Carroll vs. Belichick.

Oh, and Chris Pratt, who is AWESOME, is doing a fundraiser for Seattle Children’s on twitter. Follow @prattprattpratt – Seattle Children’s Hospital is where my youngest daughter had lung/heart surgery at the age of 6 months, due to a rare condition, and they did it for free because I was poor at the time (insured, but poor, and it was an uncovered condition). Children’s is awesome. So, to recap: yay for these things, in no particular order: Chris Pratt, Seahawks, Children’s Hospital, mini-vacations, rope marks, Pete Carroll, beast mode, Sherman (I wear #25), positivity.


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