So Elliott and I had our anniversary weekend date this past weekend, because this Saturday is our 11 year anniversary, and we have a social commitment. 11 years! I never thought before I met him that I would even BE married again, much less in a stable, happy relationship for this long. One that keeps getting better and closer, even as our lives change. We are both experts at change, I will tell you that. In that short 11 years, we’ve started 3 new businesses* , attempted IVF **, completed a major home renovation, went through a massive repair to said renovation when our kitchen flooded last summer, raised 3 children from middle-school years to the twenty-somethings they are now, bought 2 boats, sold one boat, been on countless vacations, done a triathlon***, turned into crazy small-dog people, and through everything have managed to stay patient with each other.

During our 4day weekend vacay, I ended up getting food poisoning so badly that I was in bed for a full 24 hours, but managed to recover in time to go with him and friends up to the pub in the marina we were visiting to watch the Superbowl. Ouch. It was actually a massively entertaining game to watch, right up until the excruciating last 20 seconds. You know, if you are a Hawks fan.

Back at things today, just talked with Vamp via email and we are going to connect in RL soon to catch up which I couldn’t be happier about. Not much else to blog today, but I’m trying to get back in the habit, so there ya go.


* of those 3 businesses, one failed miserably, one is going gangbusters, and one is more of a hobby but still active. Kinda like this one.
** I was pregnant for about 10 seconds, with twins. It no workie. We decided the universe was telling us no.
*** Ok, “we” didn’t do a triathlon. I did, and Elliott trained for one but never did it because work and illness got in the way. But I did one, once, because it was on my bucket list even though I hate running and biking. I only like swimming. But done, never to be done again. :)

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