Hey! Hi. I’m still not gone, can you believe it? Me neither.

Wow, there is a lot going on. Elliott and I just celebrated 11 years together. ELEVEN. That is crazy to me, especially considering the fact that we still really LIKE each other. I mean yeah, we love each other too, but LIKE .. like after 11 years is so special! He is gone this week, having left on Tuesday for a bit of a family emergency. Everything working out fine, but there were some issues, as can happen when one has a father-in-law that is 96 years old. This has been fine, it’s given me time with the one remaining child at home, who is about to turn 21 next month. Yes, that is correct. My YOUNGEST kid is turning 21. I’m taking her to Teatro Zinzanni (her request) for her first (legal) cocktail.

So the USA Today app, I read that on my iPad in the mornings. Not because it’s a particularly great source of news, but because I happen to have the app. And they had this piece about “feminists, moralists and conservatives” hating Fifty Shades of Gray. OF COURSE we have to hear from the anti-porn Gail Dines then, who said something about how nobody would be interested in Christian Grey if he was poor. Which is funny because I was thinking the thing about the movie was the opposite, as anyone who has spent any time in the real life BDSM community knows full-well how normal most of the people in it are. If you define normal as “average looks, average occupation, cross-section of the community.” Somehow all of these average NON wealthy people are also doing some kinky stuff. So I call bullshit on that particular observation. I will readily admit that I haven’t read it yet. I keep thinking I should, just because it’s such a pop-culture phenom and it’s not fair to comment on something I haven’t read. Why haven’t I read it? Well, mostly because from all I have heard, I’m pretty sure it’s your standard romance novel fare (where the men are always rich, powerful, and somehow broken little boys at heart) with some kink thrown in. I’m also worried that it will be about as well-written as, say, the Twilight novels. I did try to read those back in the day when my then-preteens were obsessed with them, but I couldn’t make it through even the first book, the writing was so wretched.

What else is going on… well, we just booked a little vacation to Mexico, which will be nice – it’s been over a year since we’ve gone anywhere for more than a weekend, and we are hopefully going to try surfing for the first time. I’m not sure about my middle-aged self doing it, but I’m a strong swimmer with good balance from yoga, so maybe it’ll work out alright. Maybe. I’ll report back.

Have a happy weekend everyone, no matter what you’re doing: seeing FSOD, doing the standard Vday thing, ignoring it altogether, whatever it is, hope it’s happy. :)


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