Hey everyone! So I have news. For real news. As you all have noticed (whoever is still reading when everything has been sporadic in terms of updates for, well, YEARS) I have been unable to keep focus here for any amount of time whatsoever. I’ve been burned out on things, yet still emotionally attached to the site and everything we accomplished in the early days of web porn, and thus unable to just pull the site down. Besides, we are still a good resource, other than the proliferation of dead links because most sites DO come and go. There aren’t a whole lot of people who have been consistent in the 18 years JanesGuide has existed.

But now, this: JanesGuide is getting a new editor. A much younger (about the age I was when I started the site) editor, Imogene, who will be bringing a fresh voice and eye to what we do here. As she gets used to things, it’ll seem just like having me or Vamp writing. I imagine though (and I am encouraging her) to make the site her own over time with her voice and perspectives. In a lot of ways I feel like things are just dated now. I’m not keeping up on current terminology (if we have outdated terms that are offensive, please do tell us) and I’m not keeping up on what is new in the adult world. I think it’s important that things stay fresh. When I started this site, the amount of press we got simply for having a woman head the site was, in retrospect, kind of ridiculous. But at the time, it was still a weird thing. Hell, at the time I got a tattoo on my chest, that was unheard of as well, so I guess lots has changed in 18 years. I feel like the 20 and 30somethings of today have grown up with much healthier attitudes about sex and sexuality than were there when I was young. In other words, it just makes sense to hand things off to a new generation, since I still don’t want to take the site down entirely.

So what does it mean? Well, I’ll still be around helping with the business aspect of things, and Imogene will have full editorial control of new reviews and content. We will make changes, but gradually. She’ll start blogging too, so you can get to know her (she’s pretty awesome). Right now we are still getting emails set up, access, etc. so it’ll be over the next month or two before it’s all really going. I hope old friends of mine who are still in the adult web business will welcome her with open arms. She’ll be way more responsive than I’ve been, since I’ve mostly moved on to other things.

Yay! I, for one, am pretty excited to get things going around here again. Ahem, I mean for someone ELSE to get things going again. Someone who will continue our sex-positive tone and keep on with our eye for how to safely navigate the adult web. Consumer issues will remain important. Inclusivity will remain important. I’ll post again when her email is up and running so people who want to get in touch, to say hello, ask for a new review, or whatever, will have contact info. In the meantime, feel free to email me as always.


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