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back from MomentumCon, too much to process

hey all.
So although I didn’t really write about it in advance, Momentum has been on my schedule for awhile. Vamp and I decided not only to be a sponsor of the event, but also to attend, and for myself, to speak on a panel on an issue important to me, abuse within the context of [...]

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Over on Twitter, the folks at we-vibe tweeted me to ask what I thought of this column, by Ian Kerner, on DE (delayed ejaculation). It’s provocatively titled “The New Sex Issue and Why More Men Are Faking It.”
Apparently the “new sex issue” is delayed ejaculation. I’ll start with the fact that I don’t think this [...]

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03 March 2010 – Reader Mail

So.. it’s been a long time since I’ve actually addressed any reader mail on my blog. Usually I write directly back to people who are looking for something obscure. I don’t write back at all when it’s someone asking to find, say, a category of niche sites that we very clearly have, and they could [...]

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