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back from mini-vacay, boo

So Elliott and I had our anniversary weekend date this past weekend, because this Saturday is our 11 year anniversary, and we have a social commitment. 11 years! I never thought before I met him that I would even BE married again, much less in a stable, happy relationship for this long. One that keeps [...]

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13 September

So we’re back from our little Seattle getaway. I told Elliott that I’d much rather spend money and time on a hotel room getaway than just about anything else (spa, good restaurants, etc.) because it does SO MUCH MORE for my psyche to have alone time with him. heh.
I also had a great time [...]

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So this past June, JanesGuide turned 13. In web years that makes us about 130, right? The last time we did a major remodel around here was when we turned 10, so three years ago. There are things I want to change, as I started blogging about earlier in the year, but they keep getting [...]

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planning and dreaming…

Had an absolutely lovely 24 hours with Elliott. Our usual, drinks at the restaurant we met, then back to the gorgeous room overlooking the Bay for a nice long soak in a Lush-bombed tub. We have a tub for two at our house, but it’s not nearly as comfortable. And while we’ve remodeled and added [...]

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How quickly 6 years go by…

Today is my 6year-iversary with Elliott. We will meet at the same time and location as our very first ( blind date. We do it every year, even though it’s a restaurant we don’t frequent any longer. Then, a night at Chrysalis Inn, overlooking the water. That was the surprise, but he already guessed so [...]

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Yesterday Elliott and I found ourselves with some unexpected alone time! If you knew our crazy household, you’d know what a miracle that is. We’ve started sending the kids all away on Sunday afternoons just so we can have some quality time, but this little window of opportunity yesterday was a nice surprise. After a [...]

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4 years

Today is my 4year-iversary with Elliott. 4 years ago, at 5:30 pm, my whole world shifted. Previous to that, I was definitely a non-believer in destiny, love-at-first-sight, etc. I still don’t categorize it as “love” at first sight, but rather as “recognition”. When I met him I just KNEW. I didn’t love him, I’d just [...]

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