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Back from vacation

Finally, I’m back from vacation and sitting at a computer once again. I can’t say that I’m thrilled about it, because vacation was absolutely blissful. Elliott and I had two full weeks with no responsibilities, no teenagers, no pets (well, except for beloved doggie, who was with us) as we cruised around the San Juan [...]

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5 june 2010

This morning when I first woke up, Elliott surprised me by asking if I wanted to grab a ferry and visit a peony farm nearby. Since I was barely awake, and the ferry was leaving 30 minutes later, we barely made it. Seconds to spare, they were actually chaining off the ferry entrance as we [...]

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3 June 2010

My favorite app for my iPhone right now has to be Hipstamatic. It’s basically an app that emulates various plastic cameras, lenses, film types and gel filters. Yes, it’s silly. Yes, I could easily do any of these things in Photoshop. Still, I find it addictive to play with.
Last night, the bad weather set in, [...]

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15 February 2010

So the other day I was reviewing sites for regional listings and I came across the new website of an old friend of mine. She’s someone I’d known for several years, and of whom I’d seen countless images. I didn’t know it was her site, but I was looking at the pictures and there was [...]

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had to share this…

isn’t he the cutest?
Finally got a Kindle for my 40th and I’m completely addicted. I love waking up to the New York Times every morning.

reading: Shop Class as Soulcraft, Matthew B. Crawford
listening to: Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson

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it’s supposed to be stifling hot all week. Record-setting hot. People from other parts of the country might laugh at what is hot to us, but anything over 80 is. Of course the older I get, the more I like the heat, so I’m happy with this turn of weather.
Today we’re going sailing. Or, more [...]

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Sometimes I can be pretty dumb. Case in point: the card reader I was missing all this time, that made me unable to download my camera? Was plugged into the back of my computer the whole time. Doh!
Here are a couple of pictures of my awesome boat dog during last week’s racing:

this is us, down [...]

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back from the coast

The last time I visited the Oregon coast was more than two decades ago, but I still remember it because the scenery was that pretty. This past few days, that’s where I’ve been. Elliott had to stay home, because there is just way too much going on right now. He’s a sort of multi-talented guy [...]

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So someone a little while ago asked what my hair looked like down, and I was messing around with some Photoshop actions I’d bought today, so I did this picture. This particular action is designed to make photos have an old 70’s snapshot feel, and I think it does a pretty awesome job of that. [...]

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various and sundry topics

hey there… so I’m still around, just catching my breath after a busy week. The girls are off to school (yay!), the last major sailing event until November is now over, and life is hopefully going to start to get back to normal.
After the previous post, would you believe that my neighbor is already out [...]

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