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back from mini-vacay, boo

So Elliott and I had our anniversary weekend date this past weekend, because this Saturday is our 11 year anniversary, and we have a social commitment. 11 years! I never thought before I met him that I would even BE married again, much less in a stable, happy relationship for this long. One that keeps [...]

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30 March 2010

So everything I’ve intended to write about lately has gone by the wayside, because of a cascade of work and life issues we’re working through all at once. Not only are we in the midst of refinancing our home (interest rates are truly crazy low right now) but we are also in the midst of [...]

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24 February 2010

K, so I am not getting as much done this week as I wanted to. One of our dogs attempted to kill me the other day, which hurt my neck and back. Ok, I admit that was a bit dramatic. She’s a sweetheart dog, (not my little doggie, this one is my daughter’s BIG dog) [...]

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