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so why the return? and will it last?

I have no answer to my above question, because I don’t know. I have super mixed feelings about my website which I will now try to explain, to myself and to you dear reader (if indeed anyone is reading this blog, defunct for so long)
I was reading through some of Crista Anne’s website, and [...]

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toy lust

So I got a big box of toys in the mail from Babeland, which of course will be given away when I start the anniversary celebration. Most of these are toys that I personally have tried and loved – my favorites from the past few years. I also ordered a few things I’ve never tried, [...]

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The past couple of weeks have been stressful enough for both Elliott and me that several times now various friends have pulled out:
that which does not kill you makes you stronger.
All I can say is that my own favorite Nietzsche quote goes thusly:
You know your life is bad when people start quoting Nietzsche to [...]

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On the to-do list:

write long overdue review of my favorite sextoy, the Eroscillator (once I’ve recovered from it’s affects, since it’s worn me out in the past 48 hours. Damn, it’s good to have my sexdrive back!)
finish the setup for the prize giveaways. cute Flash games coming!
put up more book and toy reviews. There are [...]

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all better

I suppose what I really need when we have stressful times is exactly what today was: sleep in after getting the kids off to school, have time for yummy bondage sex, and then have a nice leisurely lunch together. Now I am in my favorite space: post-sex adoration of Elliott.
This weekend we’re away, driving to [...]

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Yow, but I’ve been swamped with stuff lately. I owe a zillion emails, I’ve had to cancel some of the pilates sessions I’ve been teaching, and to top it off all of the stress caused Elliott and I to have our very first actual squabble of our 3+ year relationship.
To cope, I just finished [...]

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the family keeps on growing

I don’t know how many of you might remember when I used to blog about my goofy orange and white cat named Andy, but at any rate I did – lots. And he died last year. He was the third orange/white cat of my lifetime, the first being the original Andy back when I was [...]

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what not to wear

I’m sure almost everyone reading this blog knows what “MILF” stands for, but just in case: “Mother I’d Love to Fuck” is what the actual acronym stands for. It originated, far as I know, via the world of online porn, with MILF being a type of porn featuring women a bit older than typical. Of [...]

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just a quickie

to say that I’m out of commission until Thursday – no email access, no office time, just some recup that I may blog about on the PG rated blog. if you need to reach me, it’ll be Thursday until I get your email.
p.s. happy birthday to some old friends, Max yesterday and James Mogul [...]

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retail therapy

I have a MOO card obsession. I love them! First discovered when Heather gave me one of hers several months ago, now I have my very own. If you haven’t ever seen a MOO card, they are tiny little business cards that you can have your own images printed on. The paper quality is great, [...]

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