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the weekly roundup (of my thoughts)

Hey! Hi. I’m still not gone, can you believe it? Me neither.
Wow, there is a lot going on. Elliott and I just celebrated 11 years together. ELEVEN. That is crazy to me, especially considering the fact that we still really LIKE each other. I mean yeah, we love each other too, but LIKE .. [...]

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hey. Hi.
My day today is laid back. I got into the office around 11am, which is late for me. Fifi is off this week, so I’ve had a bit more to do with Elliott’s business than I prefer, but Fifi is so awesome that she’s been coming in on lunch, and listening to voicemails/answering [...]

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random stuff entry.

I love Spotify. (If you want an invite, I have a few, just email me – I signed up for premium). It’s SO much better than Pandora, as awesome as Pandora is. Why Spotify? Because I can play any song I want, any artist I want, create specific playlists, play my own music, transport it [...]

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so here’s something you don’t hear every day

Fifi just came into my office, to tell me about a rather strange phone call. A customer of Elliott’s company called in with question on his bill. No big, right? But then he continues with “and I’m having some life issues, and now the FBI is questioning me in my wife’s murder, and I think [...]

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the concert the other night

I forgot to blog about how absofuckinglutely amazing the Brandi Carlile concert was the other night. I twittered about it, but it wasn’t enough. I think it was actually the single best live music experience I’ve had. For comparison, my top five concerts of all time:
1. Brandi Carlile at Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham
2. Nina Simone [...]

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so seriously…

…pick up yesterday’s book, it IS that awesome.
And now on to other things: Fifi is on day two, and so far it’s awesome. She’s from the corporate world, so she’s still a little bit in shock that a business like Elliott’s can be competently run with such a small (and laid back) staff. It [...]

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