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Cruising (or not) MomentumCon

I feel like starting with a little history first, for those who are new to my site, or new to my blog. Basically, if you weren’t on the very old site, or my defunct, you’d know nothing of my poly history.
From about 1997 through 2003, I identified as poly. Ah, labels. I suppose [...]

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does a desire to swing bode ill for a marriage?

I just saw Swingsetlife tweet about a post on Huffpo, offended by a divorce lawyer’s column about her top 10 signs that a marriage is in trouble. Her number 10, and the only one with an emphasis of all caps for the ‘are’, was
If your spouse wants you to swing with your neighbors, you [...]

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moving from poly to mono and back again, or vice versa

I haven’t written about poly issues in awhile, but with reviewing/publishing reviews on a couple of swing sites lately, it’s in the forefront of my mind again. While I wrote that I ultimately didn’t choose poly as a lifestyle, it’s not like the issue never crops up in a longterm relationship. I think any relationship [...]

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25 February 2010

So yes, I am sitting here blogging on birthday day. But only because I’m at the shop until the early afternoon, and it’s a sloooowww day. Yow.
Been reading blogs and this and that. Read MM’s Stranger column, about the familiar and never-resolved hotbutton topic of jealousy. As interesting as the column, were the comments afterward. [...]

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17 February 2010

Been working on site stuff all this morning, after yesterday being immersed in accounting hell. I really can’t stand bookkeeping, and I’m not very good at it, but Elliott is even worse than me when it comes to the day to day stuff. He’s good when it comes to OTHER parts that I am [...]

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more on marriage

Now I’m all feeling like I want to expand on yesterday. If you’ve been reading me for a long time, you’ll know that my journal (blog, now) used to be much more dominated by talk about relationships. I was in a poly marriage, and it worked for a time. But it worked in a way [...]

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