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but aren’t we all hypocrites?

The other day I re-reviewed Lust Cinema, which has been a longtime favorite site here at JanesGuide, both with myself and with previous reviewers. After I did that, I got an email from the press office of Erika Lust’s studio with a link to a recent TedX Talk she gave titled “It’s Time for Porn [...]

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Guestblog by Vamp: Momentum

I’m thrilled that Vamp agreed to guestblog here about her experiences at Momentum too. We did split up for most of the panels, just to see more, so it’s nice to hear about some of what I missed (although I’m jealous about some of what I missed), so in a break from just site reviews, [...]

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Whip Smart, A Memoir

For the past couple of days, I’ve been reading “Whip Smart, A Memoir”, by Melissa Febos.
I will admit, it took some digesting for the past 24 hours. I started to write about my thoughts on it yesterday, only to realize as I discussed it with Elliott over dinner last night, that my theory and take [...]

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8 March 2010 – While I Was Sleeping

Somehow during my absence from the web, I missed the sextoy revolution. Something that was barely talked about is all of a sudden the main feature of about half of the blogs that I run across, and while that’s fine, it’s hard to believe there is really THAT much interest.
Way back when I met [...]

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26 February 2010

I actually have a day to myself. Seriously. In my family of 5, that is about unheard of, there is always someone here – but today it’s just me, and I’m blissful. Elliott is off on a skiing weekend in Canada, daughters are all out busy with school or work. It’s so rare that I [...]

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it’s all about romance, baby.

I was just watching a great video clip of Violet Blue talking about her experience appearing on the Tyra Banks show. I love Violet Blue, she’s definitely one of the best voices when it comes to talking about the vast spectrum of sexuality. I am a little surprised that – well, that it surprised her [...]

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