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Seattle, yay!

Today Elliott and I are back off to Seattle. We are checking in to a luxe hotel room so I can pretend I’m his mistress instead of a parent for a few hours. Heh… when I say “mistress” I of course mean the “having an affair with my own husband” type, not the “Matisse” type. [...]

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it’s supposed to be stifling hot all week. Record-setting hot. People from other parts of the country might laugh at what is hot to us, but anything over 80 is. Of course the older I get, the more I like the heat, so I’m happy with this turn of weather.
Today we’re going sailing. Or, more [...]

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SexyMama blogs

K, so starting tomorrow I’m going to participate for the month of May in Babeland’s Sexy Mama blog. Each week, those of us participating will write on a new theme suggested by Babeland, relating to sex and parenting themes. Oh, and I get to give away one yummy prize to a reader, although I haven’t [...]

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Max’s Bondage Workshop – a Recap

I promised in a post almost two weeks ago now to write about Max’s bondage workshop. How time does fly, I feel like I’ve barely had any time to sit and write about anything, but I want to while it’s still in my mind.
Awhile back, despite the naysaying of several close friends, I decided to [...]

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things I’m looking forward to:

Max’s weekend bondage intensive. It’s only 2 weeks away now. I’m really looking forward to going, after the past summer being fully immersed in non-sexy things, it’ll be nice to get away. I found it interesting that Elliott’s Real Astrology horoscope (yup, I married a Gemini) had this to say:
“I feel worst when I’m not [...]

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sexual stuntpeople

I slept horribly last night, mostly because I am getting too old to have a margarita with dinner without repercussions. Something about tequila, even in small doses, hurts me. Practically every time I woke up it was in the midst of a sex dream, thanks to starting to review’s Sex and Submission website yesterday. [...]

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of sextoys and food

This morning I was browsing a relatively new blog that was submitted for a review, and somewhere in there was this observation:
we try pretty much everything, and that extends to toys. I’ve never been with anyone before that was into much more than flavored/warming lube, or maybe ice cream. I’ve never busted out my vibrators, [...]

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It’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend, so my negativity of yesterday is quickly dissipating. Elliott and I have one of those very rare kid-free weekends, to just play. We had a late night dinner with friends, so sleeping in was an extra treat. I was going to get up, but I found myself [...]

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calories burned: 867

I’ve been trying to get on track with my workouts lately by going to the gym as well as doing my usual pilates workouts, but this week I’ve failed miserably. This morning I was considering it, but now it’s after noon and the rest of the day is booked. Not wanting to be discouraged, I [...]

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