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September 2015 – NEW Editor!!! What?!

Hey everyone! So I have news. For real news. As you all have noticed (whoever is still reading when everything has been sporadic in terms of updates for, well, YEARS) I have been unable to keep focus here for any amount of time whatsoever. I’ve been burned out on things, yet still emotionally attached to [...]

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so why the return? and will it last?

I have no answer to my above question, because I don’t know. I have super mixed feelings about my website which I will now try to explain, to myself and to you dear reader (if indeed anyone is reading this blog, defunct for so long)
I was reading through some of Crista Anne’s website, and [...]

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where to start?

Holy guacamole! I am so far behind, I don’t know where to start. But the happy thing is this feels like old times to me, back before I lost my words. So there’s that. I have words again. I miss Vamp. I absolutely loved her neverending good-naturedness (is that a word?) about everything to do [...]

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so a funny thing happened on my way to saying goodbye…

I realized I wasn’t ready to. Say goodbye, that is. Ok you guys, I have been AGONIZING over what to do with this website for years. Oh sure, maybe my agonizing has been in private, not even something I’ve talked about to my friends. Elliott, maybe a little. Natasha a little. And then, over the [...]

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new stuff in the works

Just a quickie, since I haven’t taken this blog out of the site links even though I haven’t been updating. We are working on new stuff!
I’m in the midst of trying to develop both a sub-site specifically geared towards adult site owners (to help manage your listing/s) AND a new (free) members site for [...]

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back from vacation

not sure how we lucked into such awesome weather when we have had very little summer this year, but Elliott and I just returned from 10 days on the sailboat, 98% of which was sunshiny wonderfulness. I have a hell of a tan, have ingested more wine than I care to admit, and am feeling [...]

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to be (or not to be) a good editor

So I didn’t blog about it much, but the failed experiment of the past few years that Elliott and I embarked on was to open a retail shop. It was a cute little boutique, with jewelry, housewares, art furniture and the like. The branding was excellent, and I thought well-confirmed by a visiting Apple exec. [...]

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13 September

So we’re back from our little Seattle getaway. I told Elliott that I’d much rather spend money and time on a hotel room getaway than just about anything else (spa, good restaurants, etc.) because it does SO MUCH MORE for my psyche to have alone time with him. heh.
I also had a great time [...]

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7 March 2010

First, a note from yesterday: Natasha totally loved the gift I picked out, and I remain the queen of gift-giving. yay!
Now on to other things: I am attempting to re-categorize and update the review index. I do not want to make it too extensive, because the longer the list, sometimes the more difficult it [...]

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what do YOU want?

So I have a ton of ideas for what I want to do differently as we revive and remake the site here. One is of course having user accounts. A place to store your bookmarks, a way for readers to be able to comment and/or rate sites themselves, and so on. That is one part [...]

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