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Postcard from the San Juans

so it’s august 23rd, and we are on day 5 of our annual 2 week cruise. I’m escaping a brutal hot sunshine that surprised us out of nowhere about 2 hours ago. I think I’ve become entirely unaccustomed to sunshine after the non-summer Washington has experienced this year.So far we have spent [...]

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Sometimes I can be pretty dumb. Case in point: the card reader I was missing all this time, that made me unable to download my camera? Was plugged into the back of my computer the whole time. Doh!
Here are a couple of pictures of my awesome boat dog during last week’s racing:

this is us, down [...]

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Yesterday Elliott and I found ourselves with some unexpected alone time! If you knew our crazy household, you’d know what a miracle that is. We’ve started sending the kids all away on Sunday afternoons just so we can have some quality time, but this little window of opportunity yesterday was a nice surprise. After a [...]

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Back from the weekend – I absolutely love how 24 hours on the boat seems like a week away. Something about the water, wind and waves. I always sleep best on the boat. I also get to relax and read, which never seems to happen at home. Home is never quiet enough with 3+ teenagers [...]

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just got back

from a week in the sunshine, on a boat, racing, getting bruised up and battered. Guess I *am* still a masochist a bit. heh.
will update the site later, too much to catch up on right now… hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
(p.s. at the races, a rollerbetty sighting! who woulda thought.)

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various and sundry topics

hey there… so I’m still around, just catching my breath after a busy week. The girls are off to school (yay!), the last major sailing event until November is now over, and life is hopefully going to start to get back to normal.
After the previous post, would you believe that my neighbor is already out [...]

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too much sunshine?

Back from a long weekend, spent in Canada with all 3 kids and a dog in tow. Elliott and I departed on Thursday evening, much later than we had planned. We ended up docking at the port of entry to Canada after midnight. The customs people there were great though, they took our info over [...]

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hi hi, just catching up

Elliott and I have been gone for the past week, in the sunshine (too much sunshine, I can’t believe I’m saying it) trying out our new little racing sailboat for the first time. We got home very late last night, or rather I did, with him following this morning. We had a wonderful time, it [...]

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road trip

Happy 4th everyone! Elliott and I are off for the next couple of days on a long road trip to California and back. 15 hours each way, going as fast as we can, because the purpose of the trip is to pick up the little sailboat we bought to race on. Since the city we’re [...]

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how to get away

This weekend, Heather and her boyfriend came up to see us and go for a boat day. One of the things that gets me through every kind of stress is sailing, and it’s that way for most everyone I know who does it. Something about just being out there, hearing the water, especially that moment [...]

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