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Postcard from the San Juans

so it’s august 23rd, and we are on day 5 of our annual 2 week cruise. I’m escaping a brutal hot sunshine that surprised us out of nowhere about 2 hours ago. I think I’ve become entirely unaccustomed to sunshine after the non-summer Washington has experienced this year.So far we have spent [...]

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weekend wine love in Portland

Got back late last night from a little trip to Portland with our best friends. Natasha’s husband was turning 50, and he’s a wine lover as I am, so the four of us set off for a foodie and wine excursion.
There are things I hate about Portland, and things I love. In the hate [...]

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Back from vacation

Finally, I’m back from vacation and sitting at a computer once again. I can’t say that I’m thrilled about it, because vacation was absolutely blissful. Elliott and I had two full weeks with no responsibilities, no teenagers, no pets (well, except for beloved doggie, who was with us) as we cruised around the San Juan [...]

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Back from Mexico

While I was gone, it appears that there was a security breach on the site, and somehow people were being redirected to various sites that I have no reviews of, much less affiliation with. Not entirely sure how it happened, but I *think* it’s fixed. If you do find yourself sent off somewhere when you [...]

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Mexico, yay!

This is the time of year here in Washington State where we start to wonder if we’re just going to completely rust to a stop. Or freeze. The older I get the less tolerance I have for cold, and I hate being at my winter pallor. I’m all happy though because we just booked a [...]

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back from the coast

The last time I visited the Oregon coast was more than two decades ago, but I still remember it because the scenery was that pretty. This past few days, that’s where I’ve been. Elliott had to stay home, because there is just way too much going on right now. He’s a sort of multi-talented guy [...]

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So check out new listings and everything else, but I don’t have time to post much here today. I have a ton to squeeze in to 3 short days before we’re off for a long weekend again, only this time with the whole family – including teenagers, my mother and sister and nephew. It’ll be [...]

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well, I said I wasn’t writing but…

I’m having a most excellent weekend already. I told Elliott it was a good experiment to try a small getaway like this – because I think it’ll work better than the bigger ones we usually do. Not that we won’t still fly off to Mexico once in awhile, just that maybe we can make more [...]

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road trip, part two

We’re back, exhausted, as of 1:30 this morning. Just rolled out of bed and it’s already 10:30, our weekend is full of work here at home. The trip was actually quite nice, although in some of the parts of California we were in it hit temp highs of 116. That is the hottest weather I’ve [...]

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