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mini vacay, yay!

Dunno where to put this one. Hi! It’s Friday. I’m super happy and sitting here in the office waiting for Elliott to finish up a few things because starting last night, we have been on mini-vacay in our own town. Last night we dropped our babies (our two small dogs, not my actual offspring, who [...]

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on a more personal note…

I want to blog about the friends that were lost in the fire while I was gone, and how many lives you can touch without realizing it. I don’t think I even considered it until they were gone, just how many people they touched.
One of them I knew a bit better. When I say [...]

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Last minute trip

A couple of years ago, Elliott did the course to get his Merchant Marine license. We always fantasize about wandering off for a different career, for him either captaining charters or teaching diving, for me tagging along to maybe cook and teach pilates. Anyhow, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon (see: getting children [...]

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a weekend well spent

Most of my free time in the summer ends up being spent on a boat, so it was a nice change of pace to spend a low-key weekend in Seattle with Elliott, visiting our best friends. I always say that a day away on the boat feels like two, but I also think a night [...]

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1 June, 2010

You all know how I am by now. I come, I go. I have fits and starts. Life is good right now, let’s just start there. I’m happy, healthy, and just got myself immersed in a project for awhile. Now it’s done, and I have two other projects that I am just dipping my [...]

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25 March 2010 – Odds and Ends

My youngest turns 16 tomorrow. She’s passed her driver’s testing, so first thing in the morning we are going to the Dept. of Licensing to pick up her driver’s license. The next stop after that is the bank, so she can open her first checking account. She’s already working (my baby is self-employed. I can’t [...]

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6 March 2010

Hey! So it’s a sunny Saturday, and I spent a huge chunk of the day trying to find a good birthday gift for my bestest friend, Natasha. Now given that I currently own a little home/gift shop of my own, you’d think that this would be an easy task. But it’s not – because Natasha [...]

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4 March 2010

Just a quickie this morning – I am off to take my youngest child to take her driver’s test. In two short weeks, all 3 of the teenagers will be legal operators of motor vehicles. I find that really hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday that half of my day involved driving them [...]

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2 March 2010 – Blogging?

As I’ve mentioned, we are trying to figure out which site upgrades to do to make our site a better resource, and in what order to do them. One thing that we want to possibly try is to introduce free hosted blogs, like, or does. While I definitely believe that it’s nice [...]

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28 February 2010 – things I need to remember to blog about

Ok, so forgive me for using my blog as a sort of post-it-note to myself, but watching 500 Days of Summer tonight sparked a desire to blog about the things I love about the city I live in. I won’t tell you HOW a movie about love and loss and growth did that for me, [...]

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