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The Bullet Point Edition

  • Define what kind of relationship and what kind of person you are looking for clearly and keep it in mind during all phases of the online dating process including when choosing which site to join, writing your profile, and when corresponding with potential dates.
  • If joining a free site, be prepared to wade through more “riff-raff” and inactive profiles.
  • If joining a paid site, be clear on all payment and cancellation terms before giving out your credit card information.
  • For both free and paid sites, make sure you can fully remove your profile and account from the website’s database at anytime.
  • Take your time writing your profile and then take the time to work the website to its fullest potential by contacting other members, participating in online and offline events, and keeping your profile up to date. Take advantage of the amazing opportunity that online dating gives you by perfecting your first impression!
  • Post a photo. Post a recent, clear photo of YOURSELF.
  • Take safety precautions in correspondence and in your first (few) real time encounters.
  • Get personal… but don’t take rejection personally.

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Where and How to Report Suspected Child Porn
Child pornography, unforunately, has always existed and will probably always exist. However, as a parent and simply as a moral human being, I believe we all need to do what we can to combat the problem. We fully condone and support pornography of and for consenting adults, we [...]

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The phonesex industry has changed quite a bit with the advent of the web. There are more independent workers than ever before, using methods like PayPal to accept payment for their services. We do have a section for phonesex websites , though keep in mind the review is of the site and info provided, not [...]

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Below are some of the most frequently asked consumer questions I get in email:
There is a charge appearing on my bill and I don’t know what it’s for. Help!
First, take a good look at your bill. There SHOULD be a phone number next to the name on the bill. First resort is calling and clearing [...]

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So you’re thinking of joining a site – the content has caught your eye, you just HAVE to know what is in that member area. Here are some suggestions before you join:
Previews: Before you just go and hit “join” because you’ve seen a thumbnail picture that you’re dying to see larger, check out the preview. [...]

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